Embargo Zone is now Pay to Post

We have turned off the syndicated sites we were posting our content from as of Saturday July 19th @ 9pm pacific time. We are now focusing on all the writers and content creators out there to submit your content to be posted here on the Embargo Zone. Please contact us directly via our email address at embargozone at gmail or hit us up on twitter @embargozone. We will give you more information on where to pay us to post your content.

It finally became clear as more and more people wanted their content posted here. They are willing to pay to have it posted, and I’m willing to post that content for a fair price. It’s not for everyone and I’m sure there will be a backlash to this pay to post concept, but hey – people have paid to have their content posted here, and I’m sure people will continue to pay to post their content.

I know there will be skeptical people out there that will slag the concept, but I’m being totally upfront with what this site is doing. We are no longer syndicated content on auto pilot, but are not engaging in full on site publishing of original content. Content that will be sent to me via the author who has paid to have the content published as agreed.

Shoot us a line or shout at us on twitter and we’ll secure your content to being published right here on Embargo Zone.

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