Embargo Zone was started on a whim about 6 years ago. It never has done much except become a syndicated site of content from other sites via RSS and other means. That never really did much for anyone but litter the internet with repeated content.

As of July 19th, 2014 @ 9pm pacific time, Embargo Zone is taking on the approach of Pay to Post. The posts that are non-syndicated content on here have all been pay to post type of publishing. You pay me a price, I post your content as you would like to see it published. Simple.

Privacy Policy

We don’t collect your info, and we don’t share your info because we collect zero information about our visitors. We are just a blog that accepts money to post content. We don’t really have an agenda outside of that. If we decide to change that and become evil like certain organizations that love snooping or collecting large amounts of data and then using that to play psychological games, we’ll let you know with more legal stuff.

Oh we do run ads on here, and if they are collecting your private information, please take it up with those companies that advertise here. Right now we are running only one company for backfill and soon it will be all private ads running here.

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